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Simple ERC20 Token Creator (Any Network)

Network Contract Price Network Gas Fee
Ethereum Mainnet 0.30 ETH Calculated by network
Binance Smart Chain 0.15 BNB Calculated by network
Polygon 45 MATIC Calculated by network
Avalanche 3 AVAX Calculated by network

0. Owner ABI

1. Token Details

These will be details of you new token to be created. Wait until contract has been geneated before moving to step 3.

2 Generate the Token's ABI

Keep a copy of you ABI safe. You may need it in the future to communicate directly with the blockchain.

3. Publish Token

Once your ABI appears, you will be able to publish your token to the blockchain and thats all.

Discover more about the features of the selected smart contract here.

Simple Token Contract Features

The Token has the capability to undergo manual burning, leading to a reduction in its circulating supply.

The Token allows the owner or authorized accounts to generate new tokens through a process known as minting, up to the maximum token supply.

A safeguard is in place to prevent users from holding more than a specific portion of the total token supply.

Upon deployment, an automatic creation of a Liquidity Pool pair takes place on Uniswap.

The token supply experiences reduction over time, driven by an automated fee burning process for each transaction.

Transfers of the token are subject to a tax fee, wherein a portion of each transaction is automatically directed to a predefined address.

The ERC1363 Token serves as an extension of ERC20, introducing the capacity to trigger a callback function on the receiving contract.

This feature empowers the contract owner to reclaim any ERC20 tokens that have been mistakenly sent to the contract, addressing errors and facilitating recovery.